Hey! I’ve been busy working on Doomsday Clock this year. This game is a project that is near and dear to my heart. Ever since I started the project back in 2016, I have become more and more passionate about it and game design in general.

Doomsday Clock screenshot

It has been a lifelong dream of mine to make a video game using my own original story and characters. I remember drawing game levels in my notebooks at school, wishing that I had a way to actually bring them to life. I would go home and immerse myself in NES games and imagine that Mario or Mega Man or Ryu Hayabusa were replaced with a character of my own creation. It was really a dream back then.

Doomsday Clock screenshot

Fast forward many, many years later and here I am, a grown man, finally being able to make what I’ve wanted to make since I was a child. For the majority of my life, I have drawn comics that felt like video games because I didn’t know how to make games. That’s what Ninja James Roberts is — a video game in manga form. I love it because it’s the closest I’d ever come to game design on a drawn page. I love NJR’s story and premise, the characters, and the quirkiness of the entire world. NJR Volume 3 will come in the future, but right now, my ACTUAL VIDEO GAME, Doomsday Clock, will be coming first.

Doomsday Clock screenshot

I’m putting everything that I have into it. The first version of the game was my final project for my Master’s degree, which was started in June 2016, and it was a revelation that I could finally make my childhood fantasy into a reality. It was simple and needed a lot of work, but I was very pleased with the outcome and still had so many ideas and goals that I continued to work on it even after attaining my degree.

Doomsday Clock screenshot

In March 2017, I put out an expanded, more refined version of DC and passed it along to people in order to get feedback. I got a few players to check it out and got some helpful thoughts and advice. I used that feedback to improve on what I had done up to that point and try to figure out how to proceed from there. After a while, I put the game aside in order to finish Ninja James Roberts Volume 2. NJR 2 has a promo page at the end of it asking people to download the Doomsday Clock game (beta, I guess you could call it). For the people who read that and tried it out, thank you very much! I have used the feedback to keep pushing forward on the project, even taking it to a few conventions around Georgia and letting people play the game. I was so humbled and pleased to see people playing DC and enjoying it. Lots of people stopped by my booth to check it out, and some even picked up a copy of the then-current version of the game. It was such a good feeling to see a dream come to fruition, and, believe it or not, no one has said, “I hate this game,” “It’s wack,” or “Meh, it could be better.” I sincerely wish technology had been as advanced and as accessible as it is now when I was younger, because I would have made this game long ago.

So for the past year-plus, I have been working on DC nonstop, sharing a few things on social media. A few people have said great things. I hope I can deliver a wonderful experience to everyone once I get the game done. It has come a very long way since I first started it — I originally just wanted to make a game that was similar to the 8- and 16-bit games that I grew up with that I would be happy to play, but now, I want it to be a game that many people would enjoy. Lately, I’ve really put in extra effort on the look — not pixel art, but a hand-drawn game that looks like pixel art, or better yet, one that looks like what a hand-drawn game would have looked like in the 16-bit era. Of course, beefing up the gameplay is the main thing that I have worked on, and I think it’s coming along nicely. Seriously, I’m really happy with where Doomsday Clock is right now, and I’m getting super-excited about getting it out so everyone can play it.

Doomsday Clock screenshot

When will that be, though? Well, I’m aiming for some time in early 2020, but I won’t be putting it out until I’m certain that it’s ready. I gave myself a deadline for this year, but when that date came around, I decided I wasn’t ready to call it finished. I’m very dedicated to making this the best game that I can make, at least at my current skill level. Once I hit the point where I’m totally happy with the entire package, then that’s when the game will hit the market, but not a second before then.

You can check out the demo of the September 2018 version on my portfolio site. I think it’s a pretty good version of the game, but it’s a bit different from what will be in the final version. You can still get a feel for the game in the demo, though. Let me know what you think!

Yeah! This was a long, somewhat-rambling post, but I just wanted to get my thoughts out on this game and my current projects since I haven’t really said much on this website. I’m going to post more here about the game soon. Again, NJR 3 will be coming, but after Doomsday Clock. I’ve also been sporadically cooking up ANOTHER project that keeps running around in my mind. Once DC is finished, then I will see about making that one happen. Stay tuned!

Doomsday Clock screenshot

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